In Alternative Methods

Saltspring Island at f/133

Saltspring Island is in the Salish Sea, between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. My grandfather lived there, and I spent many weekends and summers on the island with family. I brought my pinhole camera to capture the island in a different way; preserving minutes of time in one image, so that they will never disappear.

Grace Islet, in Saltspring Island’s Ganges Harbour, is a sacred place to the local indigenous people. It was a burial place, and thousands of years of history are on and in the ground. The islet was sold to a private developer who wanted to build a mansion on it. The community worked to prevent that plan from going forward.

If you have luck (or funds), a good way to get to and from the island is by floatplane. You can sit next to your pilot and see the world from 1,500 feet. The approach into Ganges Harbour feels like a rollercoaster ride.

Where an old ferry dock used to be is where the Coast Guard ties up now. Their red hulls are very visible – but you always hope to not be in a situation where you need to see them.

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