About Kevin Harding, photographer

As a photographer, I make art that tells stories and starts conversations. Art has a capacity to connect people, change minds, and make significant differences in the world. I strive to make my photography a part of that.

Kevin Harding and
KH Photography

Kevin Harding is not a traditional photographer. Trained in political science, public policy, and philosophy, he has worked in government, universities, and the private sector. He has been a consultant, a researcher, and a community builder.

As a photographer, Kevin wants his photography to tell stories and start conversations. He believes that photography has a capacity to to connect people, change minds, and make differences in the world.

Trained in film photography at Langara College, and under the direction of Russel and Wendy Kwan of New Mythographs Photography in Vancouver, Kevin strives to build bodies of work that illustrate important, controversial, pressing, or untold stories. Kevin is a member of the Canadian Association for Photography Art and the Film Shooters Collective.

KH Photography is Kevin’s photographic studio, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Silver and Light

In 2018, KH Photography will operate a darkroom as part of Sun Wah Artscape in Chinatown, Vancouver. The darkroom, Silver and Light, will operate as both an artistic practice space for KH Photography, and a community darkroom, available for film photographers in Vancouver and for classes and workshops.

More details to come.